Year: 2020

  • Electro-Avionic Products

    Techcopter is an independent distributor of commercial electronic components primarily focused on meeting the demands of OEM’s and contract manufacturers. With access to millions of parts worldwide, Techcopter will immediately locate available parts through our extensive resource network. Techcopter maintains a strong commitment to customer service by providing competitive pricing, guaranteed order accuracy, and engineering […]

  • Garmin GNS 430

    FEATURES The GNS-430 has been replaced by the GNS-430W with WAAS capabilities Combines 10 watt VHF communications transceiver, VHF navigation and UHF glideslope receivers, 12-channel GPS receiver with color moving map 760 channel VHF comm with 25khz spacing; software configurable for 2280 channels (8.33 kHz spacing) for Europe Provides both course deviation and optional roll steering outputs to […]

  • Kannad (Orolia) ELTs

    Overview The KANNAD Company specializes in the design of positioning, measuring and data transmission systems for remote environments. The company relies on a name, KANNAD, which is well established within France and international markets, KANNAD is also well known for its COSPAS SARSAT distress beacon brand which has been manufactured for over 20 years. KANNAD […]